Monday, June 26, 2006

Finally! Kayla Quilt photo


16" x 16" (21" x 16" w/ trim) fused cotton & silk, machine quilted

photo transfer on cotton, wood & glass beads, brass charms, sequins, rayon thread, silk ribbon

Didn't do anything differently today, just opened a new post and uploaded the same two pictures I tried to show this weekend, except this time they appeared. Fine. I think you'll agree the little wooden beads give the stark graphic design a bit of playfulness. Glad it all ended well.

I'm home with a sore throat and achey body today. Need to go to the doctor this afternoon for some meds. It makes me feel sick just thinking of the emails piling up at the office computer, but tomorrow is another day, so no need to worry ahead. It's a gray, rainy day here on the coast (I call them 'watercolor' days because of the soft, washed edges) which adds to the feeling of just wanting to curl up in bed and sleep. Good to you later!

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