Monday, June 19, 2017

Poem: Colors Are Singing

Colors Are Singing

Blossoming joy fills your canvas of life
As wonder filled songs in your heart dissolve strife.
Keep painting your visions as beauty surrounds,
Translating daily Love's rainbow of sounds.
Each color is singing, it's tone clear and true,
It's leading and sharing life's wonders with you.
It asks that you see it and hear this clear voice
As your own ability to make the right choice.
The choice to see colors, hear sounds with your heart,
Life's really a symphony -- you too play a part.
Your words and your actions do color each day,
Each moment of living has something to say.

It's our own dim seeing or judgement of word
'Unwittingly alters what's viewed and what's heard.
But once we've begun to explore how we feel,
This question can help us sort out what is Real:
Does it fit in the framework Soul-Knowing has made?
That's how we're restored or at least not afraid.
Peace comes in awareness -- all's happening inside.
Love's living presence helps hearts open wide.
Life's colors are singing of wonders around,
As our hearts keep sharing the beauty we've found.

                                 - Olenka - AKP    (C) 2017

Friday, June 09, 2017


  Nasturtium     Olenka / AKP  2016

Victorian Interpretation: During the Victorian times, bouquets of flowers come in hidden secret codes. Men and women exchange flower to express their feelings and get to speak to one another in hidden meanings. Clearly, the nasturtium means one thing – jest. Although many Victorians regarded this flower as a “joke”, many women nonetheless took this flower to their homes to ward off odorous smells.

Isn't that strange?  It's not clear to me at all why this cheerful flower would be considered a joke!  I used to grow these lovely flowers in many colors at my home in Stamford, CT.  They added a wonderful peppery flavor when added to salads and a joyful pop of color. 

Wonderful, aren't they?  No kidding!

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Poem: Remember the Source

Remember the Source

My mind says "Pray, go tell the Lord the fears you hold in heart."
The still small voice just softly calls, says, "Trust-- then do your part.

Paint your art and sing your songs and write and dance -- don't fall!
Remember God is what inspires you, and God created ALL!

You see the colors, you make the sounds, you string the words and move with grace,
But God lives AS and THROUGH what IS in all of time and space.

Do tell the Source your heart is full of joy and thanks and love,
Then listen deeply once again for 'next steps' from Above.

Above, within and all around God's grace no boundary knows,
Create and share with open heart; enjoy the path you chose!"

 art and poem by  Olenka / AKP (c) 2017