Thursday, June 08, 2017

Poem: Remember the Source

Remember the Source

My mind says "Pray, go tell the Lord the fears you hold in heart."
The still small voice just softly calls, says, "Trust-- then do your part.

Paint your art and sing your songs and write and dance -- don't fall!
Remember God is what inspires you, and God created ALL!

You see the colors, you make the sounds, you string the words and move with grace,
But God lives AS and THROUGH what IS in all of time and space.

Do tell the Source your heart is full of joy and thanks and love,
Then listen deeply once again for 'next steps' from Above.

Above, within and all around God's grace no boundary knows,
Create and share with open heart; enjoy the path you chose!"

 art and poem by  Olenka / AKP (c) 2017

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