Monday, October 31, 2005

Still Life Challenge: Fence Shadow

Played with the colors of this photo in Photoshop, and removed the upper right land mass to abstract it a bit further. Then had fun with it in Kaleider.

This color variation is the one used in the design above it...fascinating, eh?

The image below, which reminds me of tie/fold dyed fabric, was created by changing the colors of the first oval design seen above and then manipulating that in Kaleider.

Still Life Challenge 2: Ceramic Pot Shadow

My little clay pot was colored in Photoshop, then I played with each version in Kaleider and collaged the set in Picasa.

Still Life Challege 2: Shadow

OK. Here are some variations composed from the photo of my shadow and that of a tree, taken at the beach.

The photo was copied, flipped vertically and horizontally, mirrored and assembled into each design in Powerpoint; then colored in Photoshop. The actual tree was cropped out and the two shadows form the main image for all 4 designs.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Let's Just Paint

Every exchange is an opportunity to open or block a new experience.

Whatever they are, the traces of life’s encounters remain.

Let them be traces of magic, sounds of joy and feelings of love.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

"Kayla" Quilt Done!

Hurray! Finally finished the gift for Sheena. Wanted to post the finished quilt since I'll be away in Toronto until Monday and won't be able to get to my blog before then. Took the quilt/gift to the office...Sheena loved it. Now to decide how to frame it and whether she'll keep it at the office or hang it at home. I'm looking forward to making another version (after I finish quilting the little quilt-tops already waiting).

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Still Life Challenge 2: Idea

Happened to notice that the new challenge is posted, so once again want to jump in and join the fun. Haven't decided which object to use but here is a possibility I photographed today: one of my little clay pots.

After posting the above I went over to Cove Park to spend some time in the sunshine, before sunset. Suddenly there were beautiful shadows everywhere! Took many pictures, but will show just a few which are under consideration:

What a wonderful rail-fence shadow! Took several shots as it twisted and turned along the walking path.

Then I stepped on the beach and noticed the tree with a clearly defined shadow. Another possibility!