Monday, October 31, 2005

Still Life Challenge 2: Ceramic Pot Shadow

My little clay pot was colored in Photoshop, then I played with each version in Kaleider and collaged the set in Picasa.


Cay Denise said...

Neat idea...and very Warhol-like! With two more sets of these (where you change/mix the clay pot colors and backgrounds) you could have a 9-patch photo that looks even more like a Warhol. How do you like Kaleider? Is it fairly easy to use? Have you ever designed a quilt piece using it? (I recall seeing that Lily Kerns uses fractal programs alot...and may even use this one.) Did you have to purchase it or was it a free download? It looks like it might be fun to play with.

Olenka said...

Thanks for visiting! I enjoyed doing the color variations and have several more but posted these three to show how they translated further into the kaleidescope designs. This was my first time using Kaleider. Downloaded the trial version for free(someone else used it and had the link on their blog...sorry, forgot who since I found it while exploring several blogs in a row). It took a bit of trial & error to figure out how the divisions work. The variety is endless and like others have said, mesmerizing. I will add these designs to the batch waiting for fabric versions. I will definitely post them when done :-)