Wednesday, September 13, 2006

"Evolution" Art Exhibit - Review

“Evolution” is the name of the colorful current exhibit at the Greenville Library, showing paintings by Preston Hollow artists Elizabeth Hirsch and Anna Kostro. Sunday afternoon, Sept. 10, the doors opened to the official opening during which visitors from NYC, Connecticut, Washington, DC, New Jersey and the local area enthusiastically viewed the wide variety of works displayed. The two sisters’ paintings express their walk through life in many styles, providing interest for the viewer and a fascinating glimpse into their artistic ‘evolution’ as it has progressed through landscapes, portraits, still life and fantasy using oils, acrylics, watercolor, pastels and collage. The joy they experience in sharing their talents was felt by everyone who attended. I look forward to seeing more exhibits as their artistic journey continues. Since the show is up through the month of September, a visit to the Greenville Library gallery space is highly recommended.

My sisters put together a wonderful art exhibit--20 paintings each--of new and previously finished works. Above is the review I emailed to four local newspapers (Greenville, NY). Since I gave the memory card with all photos taken at the show to my sister, so she could print them out first, there are no pictures to post yet...sigh. It really was a wonderful event and I'm very proud of my sisters for accomplishing the goal they set last year. Bravo! Let's start planning the next one!

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