Sunday, June 18, 2006

Tiny Potted Garden

Coral bells that remind me to peal with laughter and joy at the constantly renewing cycles of life. Hosta to remember that even the shady patches are full of beauty & potential. And the fern, which I plucked as a couple of fronds from the stream bank behind my sister's house years ago, has held for me the image of the entire forest scene, where others see just a plant. I keep these containers at the driveway entrance of the apartment to liven up the asphalt stretch.

Worked all day in the studio yesterday, with only a couple of breaks. One table is totally clear. The desk has only a few remaining papers to file. The drawing table now has only a few stacks of files to review. Sounds like a lot left, but there was so much more. Felt great to break through the inertia, that feeling of it being too overwhelming to even begin. Today is Sunday, a day of rest. I will re-energize beside my girlfriends woodland pool and work again tomorrow. Have a wonderful day!

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