Saturday, December 13, 2008

"AOK" Mosiac

"AOK" Mosaic 11 3/4" x 7 7/8"

(C) AK Philippas

stained glass & grout on wood panel

I mentioned in my last post that I finished a new mosaic. It was started quite a while ago and went through many variations, moving from one surface in the studio to another until it became clear that it's time to Just Do It. It started out as doodling with my name initials.

You can see above the progression from one to two colors below. In the current version, the tessare were moved to a horizontal format in the K.

Next, a sample tile was prepared using the glass colors of this mosaic with four different grout colors to see which would work best. The wrong grout can ruin a piece -always do a sample first!

Above you see the test tile being masked off into sections as each grout color is applied.
Below, the final tile showing grout top L-R: in light blue, light green, then terra-cotta and creme.
Deciding the green would both tie the colors together and yet provide an accent, the grouting began...
Since these photo's were first sent to Flikr, I included one of myself "hard at work" for the family to see. It was late at night and I was glad to have finally finished this long overdue mosaic.

There is another one still waiting on the table...
May we all find the courage today to finally complete at least one of the projects that call us from wherever we hide unfinished projects!

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