Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Light and Love

A child of Light was born this day, within my heart it came;
With Love it opened my own eyes to show we are the same:
In Heart and Soul we are alike, as children made by God,
When we are willing to receive and walk in Joy, not plod
Along with heavy hearts, unable to succeed
In trusting Source and sharing all with loving word and deed.

We each are Light, that is the truth of why our Spirits shine,
And why our faces glow with Love -- we’re Sun-kissed fruit on Vine.
The Vine whose root eternally deep feeds us through our days,
And helps us blossom to bear fruit in all our myriad ways.
We then can offer ourselves, for others to receive,
Along their way on Life’s long path, Light’s nurture and reprieve.

The Vine, the Love, again, it’s One -- the all-embracing Wonder
That changes form in constant dance whose steps can seem to thunder
Across the hiding, wounded place that shirks within our mind;
It shakes up old, constricting thoughts that only hurt and bind.
This shaking Thunder, radiant Light, releases us to learn,
And we, Life’s blooms, rise toward the Sun, ’til we by grace discern:

There is One Source, there is One Light; there’s only One--that’s Love.
It’s only on the stage called ‘earth’ Light seems to shine above,
But truly it is all around, above, below, within,
It has no limit, time or place, for Light and Love are kin.

Rejoice together, babes of Light, with Joy extend your hand,
The dawning day supports us Now, let’s walk renewed, let’s stand
In parts that we have come to play, appearing in Earth’s show
As Light’s fruit bearing seeds of Love to plant where’er we go.

We are all living Light, All One, there really is no other.
A dazzling Truth of boundless Joy:
Father is Light -- Love is Mother.

Olenka / Alexandra K Philippas
(C) December 22, 2008

Hoping you're having a wonderful holiday!

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