Thursday, December 29, 2005

Artists Way #2-Identity: Check In

Should have written sooner since I did the exercises on Dec. 21 and no longer have the fresh impressions but everything is written in my journal so I’ve reviewed my notes for this summary.

#1 I find lists of affirmations useful as clues toward finding the resistance hiding in the shadow of agreement and listen carefully to what the petulant child’s voice within is saying as I read these supportive statements to discover what needs attention. Some days my heart flies on the wings of these uplifting words and others it sits heavily, wondering why it’s so hard to get moving again when I know the statements are true.

#2 5 Major activities this week:
a. Worked at the Office—should (provides income)
b. Writing in journal morning & evening—wanted to
c. Reading—wanted to
d. Photoshop work on photos for Christmas cards—should + wanted to
e. Cooking/Baking—should but enjoyed it!

I’ve pretty much removed unsupportive friends from my life and stay away from negativity whenever possible. Even some pleasant friendships drifted apart during the self-searching months, but I know that this alone-time is teaching me new skills and will lead to an internal clarity which will attract new friends that fit a more centered, creative outlook. Other close friends who remain supportive are much cherished and scheduled for visits in the New Year.

#3 20+ Things I enjoy doing and when they were last done:
1. writing—every day
2. singing—in the car every day; in public 3 months ago
3. painting—on computer yesterday; on fabric (discharge-2 wks ago); on canvas 1 year (pick up that brush!!!)
4. taking photographs—past weekend
5. playing the piano—6 months ago
6. dancing—in the living room often; at a club-5 years ago
7. reading—daily
8. visiting friends and family—holidays & weekends when possible
9. being with Nature, weekly; walking by the ocean—last year
10. hiking in the mountains—during Thanksgiving in the Catskills
11. making pottery—last gallery show 6 years ago
12. watching good movies—several months since last time at theater
13. teaching art and singing—2 years
14. performing on stage—1 ½ years
15. baking and cooking—regularly!
16. knitting, sewing, needlepoint, quilting—1yr, 1wk, 2yrs, 1wk
17. designing mosaics/stained glass—1 year
18. writing poetry—2 months
19. visiting new places/ travel—weekend/ last year
20. helping people find their creative core—as opportunity comes
21. roller skating, ice skating, biking & skiing—15 years
22. swimming—during Summer
23. horseback riding—20 years
24. teaching children music & art—10 years
25. making love in the morning ;-)
26. going to the theater and concerts—1 month
27. interior decorating—3 months ago
28. gardening—in patio pots every Summer for 5 years; full gardens before that
29. organizing things; creating order—full time job!
30. meditating—daily

#6 5 More Imaginary Lives:
a. anthropologist
b. multi-language interpreter at UN
c. ballerina
d. race car driver or jockey
e. movie actress

#7 Life Pie—definitely needs rebalancing!

#8 Listed 17 changes I’d like to make…now need to start doing them! It surprised me to see how quickly they came to mind, guess the desire is just under the surface waiting for attention. Hmmmm….

Because it’s still difficult for me to get around these days, for my Artist Date I chose to take the pressure off Christmas gift shopping by allowing myself time for gentle window shopping past enticing stores and time to look through quilting books at Borders while resting on their comfortable couch, enjoying the holiday music before selecting gifts & standing on the very long line to the cash register, followed by a delicious dinner while watching holiday shoppers through the restaurant’s picture window. Thoroughly enjoyed myself!

Oh, yes, Morning Pages were written 7/7. Found it interesting when twice they turned in a very different direction than what had been in my mind when I started writing. Very useful.

I'm reading the next chapter. Talk to you soon!

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