Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year 2006!

When midnight arrived on Dec. 31st and that wonderful, glittering crystal ball finally descended at Times Square in Manhattan I cried. What?!!! Yes, a few tears of RELIEF. 2005 was finally over. Deep breath...finally done, finished, gone, never to return again. God bless this planet and help us all find peace and courage and wisdom and most of all the living of "love thy neighbor as thy Self." This year is one of promise. It begins another cycle of major changes for me. It's been a long period of overturning and planting, but this time the changes will be seeing the multi-colored blooms of seeds planted and diligently tended before.

How did I celebrate this new beginning? I phoned friends & family in Canada, Switzerland and in their new homes around the USA. I baked bread and cooked delicious meals. I devoured inspiration from the quilting and fabric painting books borrowed from the library and sewed the background on a little practice quilt. I wrote many pages in my journal and was deeply moved reading Ray Bradberry's, "Zen and the Art of Writing." Caught the matinee of the Narnia Chronicles with a theater full of children and popcorn bearing parents. Fabulous! I loved the Narnia books when I read them years ago and I loved the movie. It reminded me of how much I enjoyed reading fairy tales and science fiction as a child, always amazed at how fantastic worlds full of people, creatures, different ideas and entire lifetimes could be visited inside the covers of a book.

On Sunday I visited my dear friend Hilly who has just celebrated her 5th anniversary after breat cancer. Hurray!!! We hadn't seen each other since I starting treatment for the car accident injuries. Finally told her that two days before Christmas I was laid off from my place of employment after 4 years there. Yes, many changes. We smiled and hugged--onward and upward. It was wonderful to be amoung friends again and reconnecting with those in her circle whom I only see during holiday visits. Not getting around much these days, so attending that party was a festive treat!

Today it's been raining, driveway is icy and the snow expected in the afternoon has already begun to fall. Big fat flakes dancing down from a solid white sky. So far they're melting. The left knee aches, neck creaks, side throbs, the head is dizzy and the stomache's upset; couldn't drive to physical therapy this morning nor to the office. Another day of rest at home. BUT...chin up...I plan to do some hand stitching on the little quilt already begun:

One step at a time...every cloud has a silver lining! To those who've stopped by for a visit, I wish you joy!


Pat/SWquilter said...

Laid off 2 days before Christmas? I am so sorry to hear that. Timing could definitely have been better, if that had to be the end result. I hope you find something new and better -- SOON! My boss told me after lunch today that he is leaving the firm - and I had a terrible afternoon. I've worked for him for 11 years, and was hoping to do so until I could retire. I'm trying to get a positive attitude going and move on - I don't want him to think that I'm not happy for him that he's going to get to try something he really wants to do. But I am concerned about where I go from here - I didn't work for the firm because I necessarily love the law or lawyers, I stayed there this long because I really liked working for him. This may be a year of many changes!

Pat/SWquilter said...

P.S. The chapter in The Artist's Way this week is about risk-taking, and I started reading it this morning. I must say, I felt a lot better about the changes that may be coming after reading that portion of Chapter 7 this morning!

Olenka said...

Many changes indeed. I know, Pat, how scary it is to suddenly have to consider new options when they're forced on us, but that scary buzz in the veins can become the thrill of finding something new and fitting for this time of our life. I trust these surprises are gifts for us from the Universe, a nudge toward a new direction we wouldn't have considered from our comfortable spot before. I look forward to seeing how our risk tolerance grows stronger and new possibilities open. All the best to you!

Pat/SWquilter said...

And the best to you too! I'm hoping that this may ultimately lead to something I'm much happier doing!