Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Accident Check-Up

I'm on lunch break at the office so writing an update for my friends who've been asking about yesterday's doctor visit results: the MRI showed there are three herniated discs in the neck resulting from the car accident. Next step is to engage a spine specialist and probably physical therapy. Seeing the new doctor on Saturday. That's three more days of spasm & pain reducing meds. Really need a hug...very disappointing, but at least we know what's out of whack (so to speak...trying to be cheerful). This is a BIG opportunity for me to practice keeping the mind reigned in and focusing on one moment at a time. Definitely counting my blessings....

Discharging Update:

Before leaving for work yesterday morning I made bleach-gel circle lines on the redroses printed cotton (which had shown no change after the first discharging attempt) and left it there all day. It had occurred to me that the fabric was one of the few cottons left which had not been washed immediately after purchase and therefore still had a finish on the surface which protected the dye. Sure enough, since it had gone into the washer with the other discharged fabrics, this time the color came out in very interesting shades: red-cinnamon-beige No photo's yet.

Talk to you soon; have a wonderful day!

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Pat/SWquilter said...

Welcome to the Artist's Way group! Your discharge experiments look like a lot of fun and you got some great results. I haven't tried discharge yet, but I think I'm going to have to try it some day soon.