Sunday, December 18, 2005

Forever My Love

Nicholas & Alexandra --- engaged!
On December 10th it was the 5th anniversary of my beloved husband's passing. It seems like much longer, and yet like yesterday...The photo above was taken at his niece's wedding reception, during which we got engaged. He was a true romantic soul, full of life and joy.
This photo is one I treasure because it was the last carefree birthday picnic right before the cancer diagnosis. Niko was born in Corfu, Greece early morning on July 5th and came to NYC as a baby-- he claimed that with the time difference, in America his birthday was the 4th of July so we always celebrated in patriotic colors on his birthday. I was blessed with the gift of being at his side, holding his hand when he took his last breath...a very sad but beautiful, peaceful moment. Thank you, Niko, for all the time we shared!

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