Sunday, November 27, 2005

Simple Still Life #3 - The Flying Five

My photo of seagulls by the beach, taken as a flock suddenly flew over my car, also suited this challenge. This one shows five gulls and some nearby branches.

I erased the tree branches, painted in some clouds and stylized the birds.
Then working with a rectangular selection tool in Photoshop, blocked off the various areas to change their colors/contrast. The black shapes on the right were overpainted with blue and some orange was sprayed onto the flat hot-pink area on the left.

Flight of Fancy


Valeri said...

I really like what you've done with the seagulls. Superb!

Olenka said...

Thanks, Valeri. I sent you an email yesterday but see this morning it is suspended in cyberspace. Thanks for taking the time to visit. Watching seagulls (ospreys, egrets, geese, swans) fly always sends my soul soaring. I'm planning on turning this design into an art quilt also. Have a wonderful day!