Sunday, November 27, 2005

Olenka's Still Life #3 - 5 Alike

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Returned from the holiday visit at my sister's in the New York Catskill mountains with new ideas for this month's challenge (originally took photo's of 5 Autumn maple leaves) It snowed on Thanksgiving Day so I went out for a walk and saw my favorite apple tree still laden with fruit. Found a subject for the challenge!

This is the original with other apples showing. First I took out all the color from all but five apples, then cropped the photo and raised the contrast with Photoshop.

SSL3: Ruby Fruit V

Later we walked over to the barns to feed the chickens, ducks, geese & piglets. These 5 'ladies' lined up perfectly and another idea clicked!

Hungry hens having Thanksgiving meal.

Sparkling Quintet

After outlining the sparkling images in yellow and adding the swirls, several filters and color changes between steps were made to arrive at this image.

Fine Feathered Friends


jenclair said...

Wow! Love "Ruby Fruit" and "Fine Feathered Friends" - what a creative way to transform the original (wonderful) photo into something that has multiple layers of interest.

Olenka said...

Thanks Jen! I really enjoyed this challenge and look forward to translating these into fabric.