Sunday, November 06, 2005

Progress & Off-shoots

Blogger wouldn't process my entry yesterday so trying again. These photo's show progress on the Vortex ray stitching. Four left to thicken with thread.

The back is looking interesting to me I wish I'd quilted through a backing fabric instead of just the batting. Maybe a sheer yellow fabric will serve as backing and allow the quilting to show through.

After I took the photo's, took a break by coloring a close-up b&w back segment and came up with several ideas that inspire me toward new pieces. I did print a collage of them onto photo-transfer fabric already, but have to finish Vortex since there are so many printed quiltlets waiting already.

This last one was from the first day's photo's. Amazing how one image evolves into another one that is so different. Having great fun!


Vicky aka stichr said...

A nice organza on the back would look nice....but I see nothing wrong with leaving the batt exposed...Glad the car accident wasn't worse! Just consider it a pain in the neck...he he.

jenclair said...

I think Vortex is coming along beautifully! Sorry about the damage to the car and the aches and pains, but glad it wasn't any worse.