Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Still Life Challenge 1: Color Variations

Looking forward to seeing the variations on the Still Life Challenge. Had a few done already in Photoshop, but decided to play further last night and had so much fun that continued this morning. It's endless! My experience has been with experimenting with textures or coloring my photo's and my own paintings/designs but haven't tried working with a grid before or slicing through a picture and coloring various sections. It's fascinating! Thank you ladies of the quilt-art circle for your inspiration.


jpsam said...

This is amazing! I was so eager to get to the fabric part that I gave up trying to figure out all of the Photoshop tricks. I have Photoshop Elements. Can it do these kinds of things?

Olenka said...

Thank you, Joan. I had alot of fun. Sorry,though, I'm not familiar with Photoshop Elements, only have the regular program Version 7.

jenclair said...

This would make a great quilt in and of itself! Love the color variations.