Saturday, August 27, 2005

SLC 1: Tranferred onto Fabric

This one I transferred onto a silk blouse which had gone to the fabric pile. I have already cut out the image and am now selecting border fabrics.

It doesn't show well on this photo in the blog, but there is purple resin on the iron tip where it accidentally touched the already transferred landscape photo while I was ironing the second transfer (which shows images on the backing paper because originally it was put through the printer wrong side up. Oh well, might use them to try the method where you put acrylic gloss medium on the image, lift it from the paper when dry and adhere it to another surface. This second set of transfers I placed on the back of a cotton dress shirt which also found it's way to the fabric pile.

This photo shows the four pictures which were printed on purchased 'prepared for printing' fabric sheets. The colors came out very vibrant. Have already ironed on the Wonder Under backing and selected two fabrics as possible borders. The collage on the right was a sampler I'd put together of my photo's and paintings to check color accuracy and saturation on a previous occassion. Now that it's printed on fabric, I will cut them up into individual little squares and use them for cards.

This is to show that some of the ink does come off after ironing. By wetting and ironing again, the colors are now set in the fabric. Yes, those leaves are also one of my early versions of the Still Life Challenge.

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