Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving: Counting my Blessings

The summer and fall were lived as adventures and changes that were chronicled in the handwritten 'morning pages' of my private journal, but it's time to say hello to my friends in blog-land.

My Mom and sisters traditionally share Thanksgiving with me and we use this wonderful occassion to count our blessings. The deepened introspection resulting from my continued job search has allowed me to recognize, more so this year, the daily blessings around me: a cozy home; being able to take healing walks on my neighborhood beach to watch inspiring sunrises that give me courage or soothing sunsets that have offered a hug in color as another day ended; visting caring friends, old and new, who've offered such generous support and my loving family whose words have bouyed me repeatedly. And to my blog friends who've stayed in touch by email, I look forward to continued sharing. Thank you all! Yes, thank you, God! My heart is filled with joy, for I know I'm truly blessed! Happy Thanksgiving!

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