Monday, May 04, 2009

Soothing Nature

These last days have been intense as the job search continues. During the weekend I managed to get outside to walk on the beach and through the park, allowing the beauty all around to soothe the tension and remind me to trust that God is in charge. I took these photo's after driving over just in time for the rain to strengthen as I arrived, so I sat in the car, facing the water and read my book to the sound of the rain falling all around. It was wonderful. There were people walking around the circuit, only a few with umbrellas.

Then there was silence and I looked up as the heavy clouds lightened. Everything was wet and clean, the fog so thick over the water you couldn't see past our island rocks, the horizon soft and gray. I walked to the beach and along the water line as the clouds let through more light. The flock of seagulls which had been sitting on the grass field during the rain then suddenly took off and flew around me toward the water. I loved being surrounded by all these flying birds! They circled back and landed further down the beach, all facing toward the filtered sun, sitting and standing totally still as if nothing had changed. The clouds knit together and the rain started again. I was glad to have captured the moment and left refreshed.

Wishing you moments of wonder amidst the rain!

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