Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Relax and Start Again

Jade and forsythia reveling in the sunshine!

Had a wonderful, joyful time with family on Easter Sunday, then had to return home and finally submit my tax returns (done yesterday online -- hurray!). Today it's Spring clean-up time; will have to balance the indoor work with some 'gardening' -- I have plants only in pots at this location. It's cloudy and cool, which is good for cleaning up last years dead leaves and revealing the new shoots coming up on the perennials (hosta, bleeding hearts, ferns, coral bells). My bonsai maple on the little deck has buds on the branches so it looks like it make it through another winter -- amazing! Leaving now with a photo of some of this years holiday table which was taken before all the food was set out -- we had a feast for the body and the heart!
Though the day's half over, there's plenty of time to enjoy!

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