Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Plants Refreshed

While visiting my friend Harriette this weekend we came upon these flowers growing in her friend's garden, but none of us know what they are. Do you? They looked like lotus blossoms floating in the garden, but grow from tubers or rhizomes. Very lovely flowers. If you know them, please leave me a comment with their name. Thanks!
Above are the two refreshed pots holding the miniature maple and the grapefruit tree which has lived indoors so far. Two days of rainy weather are helping it aclimate to the outdoors -- I hope!

And these are a few of the pots by the entrance, Bleeding hearts on the far left survived the winter, though coming in a smaller size than last year. The hosta in the middle will grow into a huge bouquet and I was thrilled to see the miniature rose bush on the right not only survived the winter but is covered in buds and many budding leaves. I trimmed it back and cut away many inner branches so it will fill out nicely.
The Coral Bells didn't make it through the snowstorms and had to be tossed. The ferns are showing several clumps of tightly wound fronds and of course the varigatted and large hostas on the other side of the stairs are all several inches high already. Welcome back fellas... I love you all!
I wish you a day of happy surprises!

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