Friday, November 07, 2008

Autumn Walk

These photos were taken on Tuesday Nov. 4th after voting in the presidential election. The sky cleared and then clouded a few times reflecting the many emotions stirred by the historic event taking place.

This is just one of a flock of seagulls that suddenly started flying and swooping up the small biscuits someone had tossed onto the marina path for them. Watching birds in flight always lifts my spirit.

A gentle landing while joining a friend..

During low tide this little peninsula is exposed and you can walk along a rocky ridge to what's usually a tiny island at the end of which you only see the rock and some of the grasses around it at high tide. It's a very peaceful place to visit.
It's always interesting to see who else ventured out for a closer look at the water. This morning there was a young fisherman.
Coming off the rocky path you proceed through sea grasses/reeds and a spongy earth that can be slippery. It's wonderful to watch the grasses change color and then disappear each season, only to renew their cycle once more.

From the infamous rock, looking back to the island cove.

Walking back, this tree was on fire with Autumn light. Today all the leaves are gone after the windy and rainy day that followed. Sigh.

Colorful memories carry us through the gray unknown of endings.
Wishing you a day to remember!

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