Sunday, April 02, 2017

NY Botanical Garden - Orchid Paradise

Actually wrote this post last month but had trouble transferring photos so here it is anyway as part of my journal:   The unusually warm weather this past week -- here in NYC we'd usually have snow in February -- enticed us out to the NY Botanical Gardens to see the current orchid exhibit in the main conservatory.  Balmy air, warm sunshine, blue sky with white clouds sprinkled here and there in gestures of flight; singing birds, life pushing forth in trees, bushes and earth--all signs of Self-renewing life.  All is well in the garden.

OK, wanted to download photos from my phone but I would first have to load the app for G+ as a backup method that connects with Blogger.  Already have them backed up on Verizon Cloud and many are located in Dropbox and on my laptop.  This is getting out of control!  I've actually started tagging the photos on the laptop and yesterday spent a few hours putting photos into themed folders on my tablet since having lists of file numbers is very impractical.  Do you have a favorite method or app to recommend for organizing photo files?     So, a photo of birthday orchids by my window and an orchid digital painting of mine--just for a bit of color!

Orchids   (c) Olenka -- AKPhilippas

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