Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Happy 90th Birthday, Mom!

My beautiful Mom turned 90 years old yesterday. What a gift for all who know her. She devoted her life to raising, encouraging and loving her husband and five children. I love listening to stories of her life experiences growing up in Poland and tales of raising her rambuctious bunch of creative kids. To hear her side of various adventures I remember from childhood has sometimes been quite surprising (just like she's surprised when we tell her now, as adults, about things we did growing up that she and Dad never knew. We had a joyful gathering on Sunday for the whole family with delicious food and a great feeling of celebration. This enabled family from farther away to celebrate her birthday with us before going back to work after the Thanksgiving holiday. We all wish her many more years of health and happiness and thank her for surviving the many challenges of her life and for all the love she's given us. God bless you, Mom! Sto Lat!

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Elizabeth said...

Olenka, having met a few of your mother's children years ago, I know that she must be very proud of you all. She is a beautiful lady. And I love the fantastic photo of you and your mother -- the love and joy shines through. Happy Birthday and Wszytkiego najlepszego! Sto Lat! ~Ela