Thursday, December 21, 2006

Soaring Together

When driving to work in the morning, my route goes through a lovely park which borders the Long Island Sound. Often there is enough time to park by the walkway and look out onto the water for a short meditation before starting a day at the office. Today there was a bonus, even though there was only time to drive slowly through and observe the silvery water with its soft gray/pink horizon, 2 joggers embracing the cold and a few, scattered geese heading toward the islands. I was humming various holiday songs to myself, feeling very grateful & glad to have seen the geese, because watching birds flying always inspires me.

As I turned toward the last bend in the road, I heard a honk and looked up to the left, gasping at the sight of about 50 Canadian geese flying in a perfect V formation! Where were they a minute ago?! My heart soared out to greet them & their powerful, harmonic movement across the sky. BEAUTIFUL! I cheered, "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!".

As the holiday preparations gather intensity & stress begins to mount, I wish you quiet pauses to notice the beauty that still surrounds us.

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